Who are we?

Smart Technology Solution Co., Ltd. (Thailand) or Smarttech was founded in 2005 as an information technology solution provider company. In other words, Smarttech is an system integrator company aim to be the leader in providing IT infrastructure related product as well as counselling services to medium-to-large private and public sectors. At the moment, Smart Technology Solution Co.,Ltd. registered capital is 12 Million Baht.

Either before or after sales, we will ensure that our customer will be satisfied with the services as we are determined to select the leading comprehensive products and solutions to meet the customers needs and achieve mutual expectation. Moreover, we will provide the quality services with the reasonable price from our specialist.

Our Vision:“We provide the best solution for your business”

Our Mission: “To be the leader in finding, installing, advising and providing every type of IT services for our customers in order to gain competitive advantage”

Factors in Achievement

Experience We have staff who have got professional experiences in IT infrastructure for over 12 years.
Staff We have a team of engineers who specialize in IT infrastructure related products with world standard certificates from industry-leading vendors i.e. IBM, Microsoft, Linux Redhat, Cisco, VMware and etc.
Service Recently, we have received ISO 9001:2008 standard. We provide comprehensive services, ranging from providing advice, designing, analyzing, setting and managing the system as well as after-sales services and standardized outsourced services.
Maintenance We provide periodic preventive maintenance to test the systems’ status and maintain the equipments so that they are always in their ready states.

Service Principles

For over 12 years, Smarttech has had efficient networking and engineering staff who study the clients businesses, determine which solutions or products will fit the clients needs the most efficiently, analyze the worthiness of the project, plan the cooperation with the clients so that the clients will be able to use the solutions and technologies the most efficiently and help the clients expand their business in the future. Our services include:

  • Network System Counseling

We offer to analyze network system problems, to provide solutions to the problems, to improve the clients present technologies to the up-to-date technologies and to plan the network system security.

  • Network System Design Service

Considering the clients needs we help guide the clients in order that they are able to use the technologies properly and efficiently and make the systems worth the investment. Also, we help look for the clients opportunity to expand the systems in the future.

  • Providing Equipments and Setting Network

We offer to set up the systems according to the clients needs and enable the clients to use the systems in time within appropriate prices

  • Outsourcing Service

We offer to supervise the clients computer systems and network systems. We also manage the systems and solve the clients problems at the clients offices to get the systems to work normally and efficiently.

  • Staff Training for the Clients

We offer to train the clients staff and provide them with basic knowledge about network systems, about how the clients equipments work and about how to manage the equipment.