Voice and Video Collaboration Solution

In the present, in every business, there must be interactions between an organization and at least another organization or between an organization and a customer. So, no matter where you are, you have to be able to safely send, receive and share news, information and updates in forms of files, images, video clips or audio clips or even to have a conference. Voice and Video Collaboration Solution is the one to help make each process in your organization reach each other continually and, therefore, increase efficiency of your whole organization. Apart from making your organization share the data with each other (both in and out of your organization) faster, this solution also increases your opportunities to sell more products and work more efficiently than your competitors. Now, Smarttech is ready to help your organization improve your efficiency with Voice and Video Collaboration Solution.

Voice and Video Collaboration Solution is collaboration in which applications can be used onsite and on demand. Also, these applications can be mixed or collaborated fluently. Collaborations within an organization and between organizations will become easier with various leading solutions.

  • Conference: Give employees an opportunity to experience an intriguing meeting without having to waste any time and money traveling with a high quality audio conference, video conference or web-based conference.
  • Customer Service: You can get closer to your customers and increases their satisfactions as well as their loyalty by proactively connecting them with data, experts and supports they need.
  • IP Communications: You can increase your organization’s efficiency by providing your employees with a system that lets them continuously communicate to every person and department they need, by using this complete set of solutions and communicative terminals.
  • Sending and Receiving Messages: You can communicate efficiently and safely within your organizations and between organizations. You can view status data at real time and communicate with others via emails, instant text messaging and voicemail.
  • Mobile Applications: You can increase your effectiveness of your field employees’ work and serve your customer quickly while you can still control your cost of mobile communication by expanding your organization’s mobile appliances.