Organization safety is an important issue because, in the present, data of each organization are important and highly valuable. Therefore, the safety of the data and servers that have those data stored in your organization is very important, especially, if your organization requires an Internet connection to work. You have to pay extra attention to the connection because when the Internet connection fails to work, your organization will immediately face business damages and losses. Also, the connection from outside of your organization into your organization needs really good and careful management since the connection from outside will increase the efficiency of accessing crucial data or fixing any problems in no time. However, there are potential risks. Therefore, you cannot trust their safety and you have to protect your data from possible accesses and counterfeits by unauthorized persons and while keep your servers working. We, Smarttech, acknowledge the necessity of your organization’s safety and are ready to serve you as we have experiences from previous work with trusting customers. So we can ensure you that safety within your organization is really possible.

The security system for central data access we offer can trace back to check the system’s working and increase safety from various risks and threats such as viruses and worms that may result from working via the Internet and the hacking from other people. You will be able to stop such risks and threats before any damages or problems are caused in your systems and networks. In addition, personnel in your organization can access data within your organization through Internet connection while the system is still protected.

You can easily predict unpleasant consequences of not having a security management within your network by thinking of the organization’s private data network being connected to the public data network. If that is the case and no restrictions have been made to the access of the data, anybody can reach any crucial data in the organization, such as data concerning employees’ salaries which may lead to damages of the organization.