High Performance Computing and Clustering

High performance computing (HPC) is considered to be important in the fields of engineering, science, commerce, technology, architecture, industry, national data security and many other fields related to computing numerous data or computing data with high speed. With rapid and dramatic improvement on technology in microprocessors and network systems, it has been proved that HPC technology matches almost every need in almost every field requiring data computing.

It can be applied not only in scientific discoveries, new technological inventions and scientific megaprojects but also in businesses, personal work and entertainment. There are many examples of businesses and organizations employing HPC: Google.com uses HPC cluster as their search engine; pharmaceutical companies use HPC in designing their drugs; energy organizations benefit from HPC especially from multicore technology and GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) in locating sources of oil; government security departments can detect corrupted components in their systems using HPC; and animators use HPC and GPU servers to create their animation works and dual core and multicore processors, which are state-of-the-art technologies as their main systems.

As for clustering, it is groupings of many computers to make all the computers in a group work as one computer. This may seem like grid computing. However, in this case, we are combining clustering and HPC to secure stability and efficiency in order to make it work in its full potency.

Servers nowadays come from many different platforms. However, highly efficient servers that can work as fast and can process data on the level that is as high as a supercomputer are only made by experienced organizations with special expertise. Smarttech has experiences in this field, has experienced staff to implement power server and HPC (High Performance Computing) and has been trusted by both governmental and private sectors to install such systems.