Green Datacenter

Nowadays, businesses are not growing only in terms of sales figures but also growing in terms of data used. Therefore, there need to be some improvement and expansion of IT systems and the organization must equip itself with equivalent hardware and software that will help enhance the systems’ performance and ability to compete. However, the expansion of devices and the systems also means increasing your cost dramatically because it means more electric devices and more energy used to maintain the temperature of the devices as well as more cost to service and maintain all of the devices. With all these problems comes Green Data Center Solution. At Smarttech, there are experts ready to set up the solution and also provide counsels about the solution to help you reduce your cost and improve your data center’s performance.

To set up a data center nowadays needs to be eco-friendly, provide benefits for the organization, reduce the maintenance cost and reduce energy uses. Also, in the long run, it should reduce the organization’s overall expenses and, in the same time, provide the opportunities for the employees to work healthily and more conveniently.


Here is the list of nine things to consider in order to make your organization a ‘green’ organization:

  1. Verify energy uses: Energy values in your organization cannot be verified to find how much they increase or decrease. There have never been any data to calculate your organization’s ROI (Return on Investment) to find out the change in energy usage.
  2. Design the cooling system: When servers in the data center work, they produce heat in the process. The person in charge of the system, therefore, has to make sure the data center is cool enough with enough air flowing to help reduce the energy used.
  3. Reduce redundancy: Many companies have investing in multiple overlapping cooling systems, resulting in overusing the energy.
  4. Use the equipments and devices that are able to expand: You can plan your organization’s growth and the time when it will need the highest level of energy by using the systems that support expansion and separable systems. Blade Server is the device that can be resized, allows a lot of servers to work in small space and helps save energy.
  5. Divide your data storage: Most servers do not work at their highest capabilities because the servers are full of old data and only important software. Therefore, virtualization will help reduce unnecessary work. When servers, devices and data storage are in use, virtualization enables each of the mentioned parts to work at its full capability and the data to work independently from each other.
  6. Use electric appliances that have been verified by Energy Star: Electric appliances and devices used should be ones verified by EPA[1]’s Energy Star to make sure they are in accordance with energy saving standards.
  7. Donate or recycle the servers: Old systems do not work as efficiently as new ones, require more expensive servicing procedures and use more energy than newer servers or devices. So you can save your cost and energy by donating or recycling old servers and devices.
  8. Make changes outside your Data Center: Your organization can reduce your cost generated outside of your data center as well, for example, by using eco-friendly building material, not releasing greenhouse gases, using nontoxic insulations and creating a garden within your organization with plants that live long and need little amount of water.
  9. Support the study in alternative energy and renewable energy options: Finding alternative energy, such as the widely used solar sell which is easy to use, which is suitable for you may help you save the world’s energy and your cost.

[1] EPA = The United States Environmental Protection Agency